Pub Dog Premium Draft Beer Specialties:

Blond Dog - 4.8% ABV
An easy-drinking golden ale

Blueberry Dog - 5.2% ABV
A light and refreshing blueberry beer

White Dog - 4.8% ABV
A zesty orange wheat beer

Thirsty Ale - 5.6% ABV
A smooth and malty classic English style ale

Hoppy Dog - 5.5% ABV
A crisp, easy-drinking session IPA

Hard Cider - 5.6 ABV
Our crisp and refreshing hard apple cider.


Unleashed IPA - 6.7%ABV

A fiercely hopped New England style IPA

Black Dog - 4.8% ABV
A traditional, velvety Irish stout

Rotational Beers
Ask about our current offerings!

Mixed breeds:

Want to spice up your brew? Try one of our mixed breeds, which is a mixture of two classic draft beers in the same glass. Choose from any of these combinations:

Muddy Mutt
½ Thirsty Ale & ½ Black Dog

Reservoir Dog
½ Black Dog and ½ Hoppy Dog

½ Black Dog & ½ White Dog

Breeder's Choice 
Mix your favorite two beers together


½ Black Dog & ½ Blueberry Dog

½ Unleashed IPA & ½ Cider*

Dog Bite
½ Black dog & ½ Cider*

*Additional $1 for Cider Mixes



Pub Dog growlers - Take home some Pub Dog beer

Find a beer you really like? Take it with you! Pub Dog beer is available for carryout at both locations in 32 oz. and 64 oz. refillable growlers.

64 oz. Growler

$22 filled / $17 refilled

Additional $4 for Cider

32 oz. Growler

$12.50 filled / $8.50 refill

Additional $2 for Cider